Thursday, February 03, 2011

Justin Reimer Goes Full-Time with The Elisha Foundation

Elisha Foundation | Blog:

I can't tell you how pleased I was to read this today!

"Early this new year the Board of the Elisha Foundation officially requested that Justin Reimer commit his full time efforts to the Executive Director role of TEF. Justin and Tamara gladly accepted and will begin April 18th!

This is “Big News” for us and a step that is needed but also comes as a large step of faith for both TEF as a ministry and the Reimer family, particularly. Justin will be stepping away from his life long vocation and the security of an established career. Pray for TEF and its continued ministry efforts. Pray for the Reimer family as they step out in faith to lead TEF forward.

Currently, Justin is responsible for the administration and oversight of the various ministry activities inside of Respite, Retreat and Reach. With his acceptance of his new full time role, his primary responsibility will be to raise funds for TEF to continue to provide and expand its ministry functions. Simultaneous to that he will continue to provide the needed administration and oversight for all ministry functions. We have tasked him with a large job encompassing great responsibility. Pray for him as he transitions to this vital role."

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