Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Reason the Gospel Needs to Make Progress in Rexdale

Police to guard Sikh temple at meeting:

I am so glad so many of my friendly Sikh neighbours give no evidence of this kind of behaviour!
"Power struggles are ongoing at a number of Sikh temples in the region, Mr. Deol says, 'even at the cost of your life or limbs.' The situation reached a fever pitch after Mr. Mangat's stabbing two weeks ago, which appears to have set off a chain of events. Mr. Deol calls it 'a territory fight.'

In Rexdale, Major Singh says about five dozen temple members have the right to vote on the proposed expulsion of the 10 directors, who he alleges owe the centre tens of thousands of dollars. In addition to the paid-duty police presence, the centre has arranged for private security and will only allow people with photo ID to attend today's meeting.

Mr. Deol says many temples within the Greater Toronto Area are interconnected, and allies of the group that, until Sunday, controlled the Sri Guru Nanak temple in Brampton also control the Rexdale board.

He warns a 'showdown' may be inevitable after the way events unfolded in Brampton.

'Then we will have trouble there,' he said, noting those jockeying for control are attracted by 'the money and the fame and the political influence... they're greedy.'"

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  1. The Apostle Paul teaches that demons are behind false religions. No wonder Sikhs are fighting.

    Dave D.