Saturday, February 13, 2010

National Pride: Nikki Yanofsky Sings O Canada

This brought tears to my eyes in the car when I heard it live.

It did the same this morning when I found this clip.

I don't fully understand national pride, but I have never felt so happy to be Canadian as when listening to this teenager sing our anthem.

(It may take a few minutes to load...)


  1. I thought the whole ceremony was a farce and didn't represent the Canada that's been my reality.

  2. I've never felt so angry to be a Canadian, I thought it was so disgraceful to change the national anthem like that to the point where the Canadians in the stadium wouldnt have even been able to sing along. What kind of country changes their national anthem into some jazz cafe style, anthems are not supposed to be changed! Im embarassed, and they should be too. This was the chance to show the world our anthem and now they didnt even get to hear what it actually was.

    I would have been way more proud if they sang our anthem properly and the 60,000 in the stadium could have sang along. Now that would have showed pride and been amazing to broadcast to the world. Im not disrespecting the singer though, she does have a great voice, and Im sure it wasnt her choice to change the song, if it was, then shame on her.

  3. Ah, art. Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?
    A sixteen year old girl singing to a full orchestra with a modern rendition of our anthem that neither rebuffed the original nor trivialized the lyrics - I could not have asked for more.
    Sorry you disagree Tim and Anon.
    "Didn't represent your reality?" I am not even sure I know what that means?
    "Not sing along?" Well, they rarely do anyway. And I would rather hear the anthem sung well with some creativity and passion than droned off-tune by a bunch of beer-guzzling fans.
    I stick by my opinion. And you can stick by yours. Isn't blogging great!

  4. I guess no one ever heard Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Rosanne Barr or numerous Canadians(including barbershop singers, western singers, etc., etc.) in Canada sing their respective national anthems before sports events. She was only singing EXACTLY what she was told. This feigned criticism is just the same ol' UGLEE head of anti-semitism rising again!

  5. Gawd, did that suck!

    Leave the showboating up to American singers to do on their anthem.

  6. ever hear the bare naked ladies sing it? and NO ONE COMPLAINED! AND IT WAS ON ON NATIONAL TV!

  7. I dont know how you can say people dont sing along, I've been to many of the events around town since the olympics started and its been amazing, at some of the concerts the entire crowd has sung the national anthem, on the bus or skytrain. Its been really inspiring I think. That anthem didnt give anyone a chance. Even at Canuck hockey games fans often sing a portion of the song. Its nice to hear.

  8. What I meant by it not reflecting my reality is that in the city I don't know any aboriginal people or culture.

  9. Absolutely agree with you Kerux... a beautiful modern rendition of our anthem. Everything evolves and progresses, even anthems, even flags. As far as the rest of the world, I would have been impressed with Canada's anthem even if I had only heard it for the first time. This wasn't our only chance to show the world our anthem... a few gold medals can do that too :-)

  10. When the Olympics began, I was wondering who would be given the honour of singing our (Canada's) national anthem. I must admit that my first guesses would have been Celine Dion or K. D. Lang. When young Nikki appeared I was so surprised. I had never heard of her until that magical moment.

    Her talent immediately became obvious. What amazed me even more were her poise and her interpretation of our anthem. Let me explain why.

    Some years ago, when Bill Clinton was making repeated apologies for his conduct, a joke was made that if he said he was sorry one more time he would be given honorary Canadian citizenship. For me, when her singing reached its crescendo with the words, "Oh Canada", she was sending a message to the world that Canada had arrived. Our apologizing was over and the world had better get used to it. The fact that this message came from an exquisite and talented sixteen year old girl made it that much better. Nikki's performance made me proud of Canada and that she is one of us.

    I also liked the fact that her version deviated from one that we have heard so many thousands of times. It made people actually listen to the words.

    Her version of "I Believe" was also beautifully done. I hope that it is available on DVD.

    She made a great Olympics even better. She is the real deal.

    On behalf of all Canadians, Nikki, thank you! Live long and prosper.