Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Double Victory in Leaf-land

It sure was great to see my two buddies, Julian and Duncan, enjoying the Leafs win against the New Jersey Devils tonight!

Julian and Duncan are huge Leaf fans so this was a real delight for them to see the new look Leafs start with a convincing shut out victory over the powerhouse Devils.

This post-game shot is brimming with Leaf joy, isn't it? Congratulations guys!


  1. They look like VERY satisfied Leaf fans! Rejoice with those who rejoice!

  2. Alas, they have merely exchanged a broken cistern for a cracked pot; the latter being an apt description of those depicted above. I'm pretty sure we'll soon see Dunc walking around in a Phaneuf jersey.

  3. What goes around comes around! Wait 'til Julian and I get you on skates - head up brother - head up! We would invite Brooker but he's one of few Canadian boys that never learned to skate.

  4. We're smiling because even though the Makebe Leafs won, the Habs won too.

    We're also smiling because even though the Makeme Laffs won, you didn't get to see it... we did! :)