Thursday, November 12, 2009

General Life MANners

I have thoroughly enjoyed the lively discussion these suggestions have made on the blog and Facebook. Here are a few more. Am I a prude? A prig? An out-dated goody-two-shoes?

  • Opening doors for others. When going into buildings, allow women and elders to go first and open the door for them. When preceding others into a building, don't let the door slam in the face of those behind, but hold the door until the person behind can grab it. If someone holds the door for you, then remember to say "thank you." Elevators/Transit: allow those in the elevator/subway to exit first before entering. Same with buildings or rooms - if someone is exiting the building or room through the same door you are entering, let them exit first.
  • Remove your hat when sitting down to eat, at the playing of the national anthem or during prayer. Some men prefer to not wear hats indoors as a sign of respect.
  • Don’t phone before 7:00 am and after 10:00 pm [unless in an emergency].
  • When on the phone, don't talk with others in the room. Also, leave the room to talk in private if at all possible.
  • Clean up after yourself. Especially when you are visiting a friend’s home.
  • Smile. Your whole demeanor should be pleasant and well-mannered and respectful. Take your time and observe people – do they take their shoes off, then you probably should too.


  1. Really enjoying the posts. Another one to consider might be your actions if someone walks up to you to talk while you're sitting and they're standing. Would the proper thing to do is offer them a seat or stand up to talk?

  2. Its funny how people rush onto the bus these days when it pulls up to a station. Didn't all kindergargen classes teach us how to line up single file?