Thursday, November 05, 2009

Dress MANners

So, we had a great time thinking through those manners that are particularly necessary for men living in Toronto in 2009.

I began our time by listing some benefits for having and using MANners (some a little tongue-in-cheek).

You should use good manners for these reasons:
  • You will offend less people.
  • Women will find you more attractive if you are single.
  • Married women will not be so disgusted at you.
  • You will likely appear smarter than you really are and that may get you a raise.
  • It is a way to love others.
  • You will likely gain more opportunities for the Gospel.

The we looked at some manners for dress.

  • Dress suitable for the occasion. Funerals and weddings generally require jacket and tie. Your 1993 high school jacket is probably due for retirement.
  • Avoid wearing objectionable images on your clothing
  • Do not expose your underwear. The only one who finds your underwear-exposure or “plumber-butt” sexy is you. And that is disgusting.
  • Unless planning on completing some manual labour, why not dress like you would for a casual date with your lady.
What do you think?  Are we on the right track?