Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Christian Woman's Pregnancy hoax revealed

Pregnancy hoax revealed

A 26-year-old Christian who claimed on her Internet blog to be carrying a terminally ill baby has apologised after it was revealed her pregnancy was a hoax.

Beccah Beushausen of Mokena, Illinois, had almost a million hits on her blog when she began writing about her desire to give birth to “April Rose.” For two months she blogged about how she would go full term with the baby and refuse to get an abortion because of her Christian faith.

On June 7, she said she had given birth and was pictured with her “baby.” But her ruse was discovered when one of her readers recognised the “baby” as a doll.

Events like this one always make me thankful for the local church. I wonder how many readers of Beushausen's blog bothered to query her church concerning the verity of her situation and need? To be honest, this is the first I heard of this story, but in the age of instant attention via blogs and web pages, Christians would be very wise to operate through the authority structures God has ordained.

What of you? Ever met someone in great need and gone to their church/elders only to discover it was only a hoax, or at least greatly exaggerated?

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