Monday, May 18, 2009

Nancy Gall on the appalling lack of coverage given Canada's March for Life

Nancy Gall: March for Life coverage conspicuously absent - Holy Post

Let me get this straight: 5,000 Tamils block a few lanes of Toronto traffic and it’s all over the news. Heck, a mere 50 Tamils demonstrate in front of the American Consulate in Calgary and we hear about it.

But when 12,000 people showed up Thursday on Parliament Hill to demonstrate their support for life from conception to natural death -- something that affects us all -- it’s not worth a picture? Twenty seconds of airtime? A paragraph at the bottom of Page J20?

You’ve got to wonder how many people have to show up before the annual March for Life is deemed coverage-worthy by the mainstream media.

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  1. I totally agree. It is a crazy country that we live in. It is crazy how censored our media is. I am surprised the National Post did not pick it up. Let's keep working on a grass roots level...