Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mine that Bird - The Remarkable Finish of the 2009 Kentucky Derby Winner

I don't bet on horse races by conviction. But I love a good race, and I love it when the underdog wins. To say that this year's Kentucky Derby was a good race with a dramatic finish is remarkable understatement.
I watched the race the day after and tried like crazy to find a way to use it as an illustration in my Sunday sermon... but it just did not fit anywhere.
So, here is the clip. It is worth watching to the end. What a story!


  1. What's wrong with betting on a horse race if it's a good bet and you intend to give the winnings to the church?

  2. Pastor Paul,

    Have you seen the overhead view of his come-from-behind on youtube? Great stuff!


    Jeri Tanner