Thursday, May 14, 2009

And... We Have a Winner!

Julian and I are pleased to announce the winner to our FREE REGISTRATION contest for the Toronto Pastors Conference. First, you can read his winning entry!

Years ago, the leaders of the church of which I was a member were fasting (I do not remember what the issue was that had caused the fast to be called). At a meeting of the church a set of scales was placed on the platform and the leaders took their turns being weighed to see who had lost the most weight and was therefore “best faster.” Each weigh-in was accompanied by appropriate boos or cheers depending on the result. Didn’t Jesus say something about how we should fast? (Matthew 6:16-18)


Thanks to all of you submitted entries. It was quite remarkable to read them.

As our winner, Ken Davis receives a full registration to the conference and the thrill of knowing that he experienced the strangest church business meeting known to man.


  1. This Ken Davis guy sounds fascinating. I think I saw a video of him on YouTube once. The guy is an actor as well. Do you think we could get him to do a Noah routine at the conference?

    Looking forward to the conference!

  2. DDD-
    I have seen this video and agree that Mr. Davis is fascinating... but I think I would rather have dental surgery without anaesthetic than watch him pretend to be Noah again.

  3. Congrats Ken! That is by far and wide the oddest story I have heard. Enjoy the conference and report back for the rest of us who can't go!

  4. I don't know how you guys picked the winner but my true story was way cooler.

  5. Dear A Different Ken -
    If your story was the one about beer nuts... you could not be more wrong. That was way not cool!

  6. I bet Jesus would have thought so!