Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Following atheist trend, Britons seek 'de-baptism'

Following atheist trend, Britons seek 'de-baptism'

In a sense, I appreciate the logic:

John Hunt, a 58-year-old from London and one of the first to try to be "de-baptised," held that he was too young to make any decision when he was christened at five months old.

The male nurse said he approached the Church of England to ask it to remove his name. "They said they had sought legal advice and that I should place an announcement in the London Gazette," said Hunt, referring to one of the official journals of record of the British government.

So that's what he did -- his notice of renouncement was published in the Gazette in May 2008 and other Britons have followed suit.

Of course, rather than renouncing a non-faith, I would love to see these thousands repent of all sin and believe on Jesus Christ for salvation. That is when a baptism would really mean something!

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