Friday, January 30, 2009

Welcome Back, Darth.

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My good friend, Tim Challies, has finally left the Dark Side.

The world is a better place now.

(Your day is coming, Julian. Resistance is futile.)


  1. It's true ... Julian has already decided that fighting should be banned from hockey. He's sliding down the slope of pansification ... can anything but a Mac be in his future?

  2. Wait a sec... I still like fighting! (Especially with upstart nephews!!)

  3. I recently, in an act of great humility, asked forgiveness to your sister (my aunt) for my years of blasphemy against the Mac.

    I too have seen the light.

    to: Julian... let go... it's your destiny.

  4. I have nothing to say except this: My computer happily agrees and communicates with 97-98% of the marketshare in world computers (stats).

    Oh, and my computer talks to printers too, Paul. ;-)

    I must concde, however, that my computer is far less 'spiffy' and not nearly so 'neat-o' as a mac.

  5. Julian, I accept your confession of Mac's superior "spiffyness" for the time being... you are well on your way down the slippery slope. We'll see you at the bottom soon. (Or, the top, as the case may be.)