Thursday, January 08, 2009

Toronto Pastors Fellowship - January Meeting

Toronto Pastors Fellowship:

When the Christian ministry is defined by worldly standards, it is often the most simple duties that are neglected.

Several years ago I asked Pastor Carl Muller to teach a section of my pastoral theology course on ministering to the elderly, sick and dying. Carl was a natural choice for this—he has modelled a caring ministry for many years. Thus, we were thrilled he agreed to present on this topic and help all of us remember that 'it is more blessed to give than to receive...' and to not forget 'the least of these.'

So, join us on January 19th, and plan now to take another day off that week instead of Monday.

You will not want to miss this meeting for a second reason—we have a very exciting announcement to make regarding our annual conference taking place on June 1-3!


  1. I seldom find myself having a desire to live in "The Center of the Universe." But whenever you blog about these TPF meetings, those thoughts cross my mind (and then I give myself a swift slap in the face so those very thoughts are promptly eradicated).

    Have a GREAT meeting. Looking forward to the audio.

  2. I think you are "feelin' the call" Dan!