Thursday, November 06, 2008

Together for the Gospel Live CD

Together for the Gospel Live CD | Worship Matters

This is some great news. Bob is putting together a CD of the live recording from the 5900 men and 100 women at T4G! This is why we love you, Bob.

I will be buying one.

You can listen to a sample of, "A Mighty Fortress" on his blog.


  1. Cool... my first live recording. I'm gonna forward this to my family and friends. Do you think we're in line for any royalties for sales of this album.

  2. Paul,

    That's awesome! Shortly after I got back from T4G I was on the T4G website looking for any recordings of this.....please purchase a few copies for me when you do and I'll be sure to get you the cash.

    The Republic

  3. Something I forgot to mention. It was pretty amazing to hear almost 6,000 men singing at once at T4G, it's not quite this pronounce at GFC but when I was at David Robinson's church it was pretty awesome to hear a predominant female voice.

    The Republic