Monday, October 06, 2008

Why Della Reese Really Shouldn't Preach - Exhibit 1

Sunday Sermon 8/3/08 - Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus the Christ, Christ Jesus (part 2) « The UP Church Blog:

"Why did Jesus come?

He came to show us the attaining the Christ consciousness is possible for all of us. He came to awaken us to the possibilities of our own nature. He came that we might have life and that more abundantly through the piece of God in us already. He gave us the attitude of being. Instead of ‘thou shalt not’ he said, ‘blessed are they that.

When it is written that Jesus went up into the mountains, it means that he went to a higher level of thinking, a higher level of attitude, a higher level of consciousness. He had to go to the Christ inside of him to be buoyant over the water. You have to do the same. Before you do whatever you have to do, speak to God first. You can’t have a better partner."


  1. "Affirm:

    'The Father and I are one. I am the activity of God in manifestation. My unity with God is the very foundation of the abundant life which he promises me. I want and I claim his promises right now. And I ask that his will and not my will be done.'"

    Wow! Indeed, she should not preach!

    [note the exclamation points]

  2. Reminds me of Agnes Sanford, an influential person in the whole mystical "evangelical" healing movement.

    She explained the atonement this way:

    God's love was blacked out from man by the negative thought-vibrations of this sinful and suffering world. ... So our Lord in the garden of Gethsemane undertook the great work that we call the atonement - the at-one-ment which reunited man with God. He literally lowered His thought-vibrations to the thought-vibrations of humanity and received unto Himself man's thoughts of sin and sickness, pain and death. .... Having borne our sins He turned them into holiness, and sent them forth into the air again cleansed and purified.

    Brrr.... Sometimes the wolves are pretty obvious.

  3. Hey Paul,

    I think your thought vibrations need to rise to a higher level of altitude.

    Hope you and the fam are all doing well!


  4. Unbelieveable, but this is what we are up against. Great post brother, keep them coming!