Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lady Jane Grey and Reformation Day

For the first time in my annual Reformation Day series I am going be delivering a biographical sketch of a woman. Having already taught on Calvin, Luther, Zwingli and Hubmaier, I thought it would be great to see what role women played in this movement of God.
A month or so ago I emailed my friend Michael Haykin to ask his suggestion on who that study should be on. His reply? "Oh Lady Jane Grey. No doubt about it."
So I did what you are about to do and ran over to Wikipedia to find out who that was!
After lots of reading I cannot wait to share her life with the folks at GFC on Sunday night. I will try to post the paper here afterwards if I can. I have a terrible time posting Word files to this blog though.


  1. Bah! You should've told me, I could have lent you my copy of Faith Cook's bio of Lady Jane. It's fantastic!

  2. Read it!
    And it IS fantastic.
    I borrowed Challies' copy and marked it all up for him...

  3. Looking forward to hearing it on Sermon Audio!

  4. So, you're one of those kind've people. Huh.
    The lecture was fantastic last night! That was difficult navigating through all the background details, but you pulled it off with ease.
    The whole thing was very affective.