Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Toronto Pastors Fellowship - Reflections on Meeting One

The first meeting of the Toronto Pastors Fellowship took place yesterday – what a great day! We were delighted with the large and diverse population of attendees and thankful that so many found encouragement in the meeting.
I anticipate everything only “getting better” as we move along, especially as our rotation of speakers significantly improves from this point forward. Dr. Michael Haykin has graciously agreed to join us next month to discuss Christian, pastoral, personal spirituality and especially what we can learn from men of the past. I am personally thrilled Michael is able to come and look forward to correcting him (an inside joke for those who made the first meeting!).
We also have more things scheduled to give away (since we think pastors deserve encouragement) and another surprise we are working on. So, if you missed the first meeting, you will not want to miss the second.
The highlight of the day from my vantage point was watching all the folks from GFC quietly and happily serving. A number of them took time off work to be there and do everything from direct parking or make coffee or sit at the information desk. A close second to that sight was the mingling of men who were meeting for the first time... how I pray these relationships will be fortified and used of God to advance His work!
Please add TPF to your prayer list. It will be of no value if the Lord is not in it. The testimony of the men yesterday indicated He has been so far. Praise the Lord.