Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Darryl's Blog: DashHouse launches hostile bid for Achievable Ends (and Acquires kerux noemata in Process) :

TORONTO - With the popularity of blogs on the rise, it seemed inevitable that takeovers would eventually creep into the market. Still, regular readers of this blog will be surprised to find out that kerux noemata is no more.

"I am pleased to announce that kerux noemata has been sold for an undisclosed amount to fellow blogger Darryl Dash of Dashhouse fame," announced Paul Martin this afternoon. And the conference call interview went on to describe how kerux noemata will "quickly become a part of the Dashhouse family of blogs, thus driving readership and blog rankings though the roof."

"We wanted Martin's blog all along," said Dash from his Toronto-area office. "It represents the best in blogging... especially humble, Christian blogging. And that is what sells in the blogosphere today. Frankly, we could not survive without it!"

With the purchase, Dashhouse becomes a veritable Wal-Mart of Christian blogs, offering a wide variety of opinion on a small number of issues.

Martin has promised to deliver a full explanation to his readers in the next 24 hours, but apparently the purchase price was good. He made today's announcement via conference call from his new Barbados oceanside home.



  1. "a wide variety of opinion on a small number of issues..."

    Classic! I love it.

    I'll have Kenny working on the first post over here tomorrow!

  2. Hey Darryl....I own theprayerofjabezisheretostay.com domain? Could I interest you in that?

  3. Sorry, Darrin. We only buy high class blogs and domains like this one.

    (Translation: We already own a Jabez-themed site.)

  4. Ow!
    I think that was a drive-by blog-smear!

  5. Whatever the amount paid, please post it in US dollars would ya'!

  6. I never thought Mr Noemata would have sold out. I thought I knew him better than that. I reckon he's just doing what he feels is best for the whole Noemata family, though.