Friday, April 25, 2008

Europe Mega-Pastor Gives Tips for Revival of U.S. Christianity

Europe Mega-Pastor Gives Tips for Revival of U.S. Christianity |

I have never even heard of this man before.

"Sunday Adelaja, founding pastor to the 30,000-member God’s Embassy Church in Kiev, Ukraine, was the featured guest of a teleconference hosted by Strang Communications, the publisher of Charisma and Ministry Today magazines.

God’s Embassy Church boasts more than two million converts and 600 church plants worldwide.

During the Q&A, Adelaja emphasized how the Church should not be pulpit-focused, but rather concentrate on how to reveal Jesus Christ to people if they want to experience growth.

The Nigerian-born Christian leader used his own church as example, saying that his church first experienced massive growth after four fruitless years when he started to go out and fed the poor and took care of the drug addicts and alcoholics in Ukraine."

“You have to really keep on pushing them to believe in themselves that they can change the world for God.”

I am sure I don't have enough information to know for sure, but it certainly sounds like more of the same self-help, positive-think silliness dressed up in different clothes. Please correct me if I am wrong!