Saturday, February 16, 2008

Worship in Song Conference - Two Weeks to Launch!

Well, call us nice guys. We decided to open up about 10 more spots for the Worship in Song Conference. So, if your team was thinking of coming and thinking there was not enough room... email now! Operators are standing by! Send an email with your full name to julian[at]gfcto[dot]com. But please be quick... we really don’t have much more space!

I also got word today that our gift count for registrants should be a little bigger. Some of this will depend on shipping and friendly customs agents, but it looks promising. We love to give stuff away! You can pray it gets here on time.

If you are already registered, please feel free to bring your instrument (no pipe organs please – not enough room) for the workshop time. I am really excited about these workshops. Our goal is to pool resources and humbly learn from one another. Different folks from Grace Fellowship Church will be leading each workshop and serving you by directing the conversation. It underlies one of the major truths of this conference – we don’t know it all! We want to learn from you.

I perused the list of registrants today and see lots of names I know and lots I don’t know – about 50-50 I would guess. That’s great! Another great benefit of times like these is forging new relationships with brothers and sisters in the Gospel.

So, register today if you are coming. And we will see you on March 1st... bright and early!

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