Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Every parent's nightmare | Death, the Beaches and Regent Park

Every parent's nightmare | - Canada - Features

“Sometimes when we touch
The honesty’s too much”

Such were the epic words of a song I could never quite figure by Dan Hill. I was 11 when it was released and I remember a few sisters enthralled with the Canadian singer/songwriter.

Hill has written an autobiographical account of his family's involvment with Eric Boateng, the young man shot outside a local jail in 2007.

My interest in this story is on several levels. First, the sheer drama of how one family without Christ tries to handle a bad family problem. Second, the connection to the Beaches and Licks, two of my favorite haunts as a High School student in the early 80's. And third, the connection to Regent Park. I will be driving right beside that neighbourhood tomorrow morning (today!) and hope I pray for it like I try to do every time I pass by.

Take note that there is offensive content in the article and please do not read it if necessary.