Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Lumps: Is There a Crisis in Evangelicalism?

New Lumps: Is There a Crisis in Evangelicalism?:

My friend, Terry Stauffer, has a very thoughtful article on what is really needed in churches that are a part of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Canada. In reality, what he identifies as weakness and suggests as antidote are accurate regardless of our denominational link. I think he strikes at the heart of "Hybels-we-repent (based on a recent survey)-mega-church-madness..."

"If we see a turnaround in the Fellowship and 70% of our churches are growing by at least 5% in 10 years (as opposed to 30% today), who will be the watchmen that are dilligent to promote sound doctrine and moral purity? If we have big churches without integrity in life and doctrine, we will go the same path as the United Church of Canada in the 60s. I will be branded as an extremist because of that last comment, but we need to think about it. We need to sound the alarm regarding new persepectives on justification, emergent churches, open theism and gender confusion. These doctrinal issues must be confronted and refuted. We must also urgently appeal for reform regarding the moral compromise that is becoming commonplace among professing evangelicals."