Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stumping Haykin

Some of the people I love in this world are the faculty and staff of Toronto Baptist Seminary. It is an honour to teach with them and it was a joy to have them to our home last week for our annual Christmas Celebration. The ladies provided us with a wonderful meal and my dear bride made the surroundings warm and inviting (like usual!).
The highlight of the night came when I, the consumate Game Meister, made everyone play my own version of Family Feud. It was a battle of Principals - Team MHaykin versus Team Kwellum! Ah, what bliss!
But the greatest moment of all is captured so wonderfully in this photo taken by my daughter.

Here is Michael trying to form an answer to the following brain-stretching question: "Name one thing you do on vacation." Not only did it take him 13 minutes to form a reply, but he was wrong! Out of all the respondents to my survey, NONE answered, "Visit the cemeteries!!!!"