Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Need a New Church

Things have been getting bad at Grace Fellowship Church lately. I never thought it would come to this... but the fact is, I need a new church.

There is just no more room left in the gym. We love meeting at the Christian School, but space has become a precious commodity!

So, what I need is a new church. Okay, not a new bunch of people – I mean, I love these ones WAY too much! But a new place for us to meet.

I see two options for this:

1) Some church in Toronto has a building that they no longer fill. They want to see a Gospel witness remain in their community and not watch their church meeting house turn into a mosque, community centre or bar (all of which I have witnessed on many occasions in this city!) So, they will call us up and say, “Come have our building, please.” And we will come.

2) Somebody will really want a new church to begin in downtown Toronto and they will buy us or give us a meeting place for free. We will send out a bunch of people to start a new church. And then we will have some space again at the school.

Either way, I want a new church.

Feel free to help out where you can!