Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Book Review: “The Three Are One: What the Bible teaches about the Trinity” by Stuart Olyott

As a pastor I am always on the hunt for helpful books in explaining some of the fundamentals of the faith. One oft-neglected author of books in this category is Dr. Stuart Olyott.

Pastor Olyott has written some wonderful little commentaries of Evangelical Press, as well as a number of other books that are excellent tools to give folks in your church. More people need to know this author and appreciate his excellent work! Years of faithful ministry in local churches and the mission field have equipped this dear brother to “scratch where people itch.” He answers common questions with plain language.

“The Three Are One” is one of the most useful books I have ever read on the subject of the tri-unity of God. Olyott wrote the book as a primer on the Trinity, and even includes a further reading list at the back of this book for more detailed study. But here he answers all the common questions with lots of Bible: Is Jesus God? What is the Holy Spirit? How can three be one? How are Father, Son and Holy Spirit different?

And the best part is, each chapter is well-outlined, succinctly and warmly stated and every Bible verse carefully referenced. This means the book serves equally well as an excellent reference for the busy pastor just wanting a quick survey of appropriate texts.

I gladly endorse this book and urge you to pick up a copy. There are few greater encouragements to the soul than meditating on God’s very nature. Olyott will carry you through the Biblical data in a winsome fashion and leave you longing for more and more of our great Saviour!

“The Three Are One: What the Bible teaches about the Trinity” (Evangelical Press, 1996).

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