Friday, August 10, 2007

A Little More From the Doctor - Good Medicine on the Exclusivity of Jesus Christ

When Peter said, “there is none other name,” he was insisting that no other individual who has ever lived in this world, or who ever will live here, can make this claim for himself. We maintain that Jesus of Nazareth is unique. He does not belong to any category; you cannot put anybody else in the same class. He is on His own. He is not one of many. He is not simply the best of many. There are people who talk about him like that. They have a list. They talk about Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Moses, Jeremiah, Jesus, and then various other great thinkers since then. But that is utterly to deny Him. There is no other; there is no second. It is not a question of whether He is better than everybody; He is different. He and he alone saves.

We can put that in another way also: The apostle is not only asserting that nobody else can ever save or deliver us, but also that our Lord needs no help. Jesus alone saves, and He saves perfectly. Let me say it with reverence: He does not need the help of the Virgin Mary. She is not a “co-redemptress,” because He is the full, sufficient, complete Redeemer in Himself. He is all and in all, and to add anybody to Him, even His mother, is to deny Him, and it is blasphemy.

To talk, therefore, about syncretism or eclecticism is to deny the Gospel.

From Acts Commentary, volume 2, p. 55.

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