Friday, July 13, 2007

On Hitting Homiletical Home Runs « Provocations & Pantings

On Hitting Homiletical Home Runs « Provocations & Pantings

Timmy Brister's observations on "knocking it out of the park" every Sunday are very interesting! This is an excellent article for pastors (especially) to read. But every church-going Christian would profit from it as well.

Here is a teaser:

One of the things a baseball analyst will tell you is that the best home run hitters in the history of baseball hit a home run every 13-16 at bats (Aaron - 16.4; Bonds - 12.9; Mays - 16.5) . Not only that, but some of the best home run hitters also have the highest strike-out/hit ratio, striking out an average of five times for every one home run. Moreover, if the only hit these Hall of Famer’s had during their lifetime was a home run, their batting average would average out to 0.061. So how does this translate in to preaching today? Here’s how it factors out:

The Hank Aaron’s and Barry Bond’s of the pulpits today will only hit three to four homiletical home runs in a full year’s preaching calendar. In addition to that, he will strike out 15-20 times in that same calendar year.