Friday, July 20, 2007

Come On, Baby, Do the Locomotiv!

Yashin signs with Russian club

Athletes are an interesting thing to me. None more so than hockey players, probably as a result of the fact that hockey is one of the few sports I love... and pretty much understand. Anyway, if you know much of hockey you know something of Alexei Yashin. He is quite a character with a storied NHL career, but news just came out that this one time highest paid player is off to Russia.

Yashin’s problem has always been that he disappears in the playoffs and tends to whine after his freshman season on any club. In hockey terms, he has no grit. Hit him hard enough and he’ll scurry home with his tail between his legs. And my adrenalin starts pumping every time I picture little Darcy Tucker drilling the lumbering Yashin into the boards! Booyah!

Anyway, Yashin’s flight to the Locomotiv made me think of a lot of pastors that flee hard times to play for the hometown crowd. I have little time for them.

John MacArthur once told us that the only times he had been tempted to leave Grace Community Church were when things were going badly. But he had made a decision to stick out the tough times, see the church through, then think about moving on. But you know what happens... who wants to leave when times are good!

Pastor’s need the tenacity of a Tucker... or a Bobby Baun, scoring a game-winning goal off a broken ankle to get your club one game closer to your Stanley Cup. The good times will come, but not after some sweat in this life. Too bad Yashin never learned that lesson.