Sunday, July 29, 2007

Baptisms Tonight!

It is a baptism Sunday at Grace Fellowship Church today! I can hardly think of a more precious time in the life of our church. I love these days.

Our baptisms will take place at a local pool for the first time. In the spirit of the Ethiopian eunuch, we looked around for the closest source of deep water! Lord willing, I will baptize two young men converted from Roman Catholicism and two younger ladies saved from within Christian families... one of them my daughter.

We would love to have you join us! We will meet at 4:55 tonight at Timothy Christian School, then proceed one block south to The Elms Pool. After the baptisms, we will return to Timothy to sing, preach and praise the God who saves. (You can find the details here.)

Below is the text of our opening hymn for tonight. May its clarion call revive and encourage your heart today!

Stand, Soldier of the Cross
Stand, soldier of the cross,
Thy high allegiance claim,
And vow to hold the world but loss
For thy Redeemer’s Name.

Arise, and be baptized,
And wash thy sins away;
Thy league with God be solemnized,
Thy faith avouched today.

No more thine own, but Christ’s,
With all the saints of old,
Apostles, seers, evangelists,
And martyr throngs enrolled.

In God’s whole armor strong,
Front hell’s embattled powers:
The warfare may be sharp and long,
The victory must be ours.

O bright the conqueror’s crown,
The song of triumph sweet,
When faith casts every trophy down
At our great Captain’s feet.