Wednesday, June 20, 2007

34 Things I Love About My Church! - Numbers 19 through 25

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19. I love that we do not have 87 programs running every week! But that we are trying to do a few things well – the things we know we need to do before anything else – read our Bibles, pray, evangelize, fellowship, worship, have godly families and not get tripped up by the 8000 temptations we face every day.

20. I love that we have an imaginary friend named Walter who gives really good advice.

21. I love that we are not perfect since it makes me pray more and more and long for heaven more and more and wish that I were a better pastor more and more.

22. I love the way little children in our church expect to learn something in the sermons – and rightly so! And I love it when they do learn.

23. I love that we never have to talk about money and how you should give more and how we need this or that to do this or that, but that you all give so freely and joyfully and that God continues to provide for everything we need.

24. I love that there are young couples in our church, statistically the most undependable and faithless age group in most churches, who are responsible for huge things like kids ministries, the treasurership, leading in worship, etc – and they are faithful!

25. I love everybody who has ever worked in the nursery – and so should you!

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  1. How did old Walter take it when he found out he was imaginary? Or haven't you told him yet?