Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Book Review: 444 Surprising Quotes About the Bible

444 Surprising Quotes About the Bible: A Treasury of Inspiring Thoughts and Classic Quotations

Compiled by Isabella D. Bunn (Bethany House, 2005)

I have never been a fan of “quote books” and to be completely honest... have no idea how this one ended up in my library! Nevertheless, I am happy to recommend this little paperback to you.

Isabella Bunn has assembled a very diverse and interesting selection of quotations from a wide variety of sources – from John Newton, to American Presidents to Tolstoy to W.C. Fields (yes, that W.C. Fields, who said, “I have spent a lot of time searching through the Bible for loop-holes.”)

The most impressive quote I found was from John Dryden, English poet and dramatist, who wrote in his poem ‘Religio Laici:’

Whence, but from Heav'n, could men unskill'd in arts,

In several ages born, in several parts,

Weave such agreeing truths? or how, or why

Should all conspire to cheat us with a lie?

Unask'd their pains, ungrateful their advice,

Starving their gain, and martyrdom their price.

All in all, the sheer volume of quotes praising the God of Scripture and displaying the impact of His Word on human thought and structures served to warm my heart to “Take up and read!” And that would be my only caution: men are more prone to read about the Bible than to read it. If this little book should help you to the greater end, the personal, thoughtful reading of the Book of Books – then it will be a fine investment indeed!


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    There's also 444 Suprising Quotes about Jesus...


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    They should have made it $4.44!!!!