Friday, April 06, 2007

Resurrection Hymn - Something to Sing with Joy on Easter Sunday!

Here is a hymn I wrote ten years ago that focuses on what the Resurrection means to the Christian. I think I might have posted it here before... sorry if this is redundant.

It can be sung to different tunes, but my personal favorite is Henry T. Smart's Regent Square... with GUSTO!

Resurrection Hymn
Sing, O Church, your glorious praises
Christ, your Lord, rose from the dead!
He, the proof that God will save us;
Jesus, our own glorious Head!
He our Master! He our Saviour!
He the Victor over death!

Raised by God to reign eternal,
Never did He see decay.
Now He reigns from heav’n supernal
Death no longer holds its sway.
O, the power of the victory,
How His grace and love display!

What a wondrous consolation
Jesus’ death was not in vain.
Raised as God’s own confirmation,
That the Son broke sin’s domain.
He is living! He is living!
Shout forth now this glad refrain!

Men will mock and disbelieve Him
Worry not at their refrain.
They shall bow the knee before Him,
To their sorrow and their bane.
He’s the Champion! Mighty Conqueror!
All will bow before His Name!

Praise Him for the grace He gave you
To repent and to believe.
Praise Him for His love that saved you,
Calling you Him to receive.
Praise the Saviour! Risen Saviour!
Worship Christ the Risen King!

Words: Paul W. Martin ©1997. Music: Henry T. Smart, Regent Square. Public Domain.


  1. I just sent this hymn to our worship director to incorporate into our service on Sunday.

    Excellent stuff.


  2. This is just the song I was looking for to open our service tomorrow! Thank YOU!!!!

    Pastor Pat- Colorado Springs

  3. Ken and Pat -
    I am thrilled you can use it!
    Praise the Lord!