Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Men-Only Church

Men-Only Church Times Sermons, Meets in Gym | Christianpost.com

Tim Challies linked to this article that describes a new "outreach" (where did that word come from anyway? I always thought it was called evangelism!).

The technique is to hold a men-only service once a month with a guaranteed 15 minute sermon for the boys. So guaranteed that they start a shot-clock (a countdown timer used in basketball games) in the gym when Bubba starts to preach.

The rationale behind the endeavour is from David Murrow, author of "Why Men Hate Going To Church." Murrow’s book is rather pathetic in my opinion, other than the title.

I would like to suggest why men hate going to church.

  • Other than the fact that “no one seeks after God,” I think some Christian men hate going to church because Christ is not preached with passion.
  • They hate to go to church because their sins are not addressed and there is no challenge to mortification.
  • They hate going to church because they are tired of platitudes and hypocritical punctiliousness.
  • They hate going to church because they are not challenged to give up their lives and die to self and lead with risk.

If a man is a true Believer, and he hates going to church, and it is not because of long unrepentant sin in his life, then maybe he hates “going to church” for some good reasons.

The solution, however, is not to stop “assembling yourselves together.” The solution is to “act like men” and take God at His Word. Find where Christ is preached and go there... and drag “the wife and kids” along with you!

[And yes, that last phrase was meant to get a rise out of you!]

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