Monday, March 12, 2007

Shepherds' Conference 07 - Books

Here is a photo of all the books given to us this year at the Shepherds' Conference. The ditribution of said books was accomplished in an orderly and effective manner - each attendee was ushered through a smooth-running line where we picked up a pre-packed bag.

This was a good move.

Rumour has it that there were virtual mob riots at the book bins last year as pastors scrambled to get "their due." Go ahead and comment on that!
For years now I have been utterly dismayed at food lines and such at Pastors' Conferences. It says nothing about the conference or its organizers, but speaks volumes about the hearts of some men.

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  1. Seventh book from the bottom ... NOT the most eagerly anticipated read of the bunch? :)

    Shalom! David Reimer

  2. mmm...X-Thou shalt not covet.
    mmm...I am so weak:(