Friday, March 30, 2007

Preaching with Passion - Preaching with Passion

It was a delight for me to spend a few minutes at this years Shepherds' Conference with my old TMS prof and friend, Alex Montoya. Alex is one of the best living preachers I have heard, and we had him come and talk to us about passion in preaching at our annual Pastor's Conference a couple of years ago.

The audio to the first of his lectures is available by clicking here.

This year's May conference will feature Dr. Tom Schreiner of Southern Seminary.

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  1. I heard Dr. Montoya lecture on "Preaching with Passion" at my very first Shepherds' Conference in 2001. To this day, I remember one line. He was talking about Jonathon Edwards' reputation for preaching in a monotone voice and reading his manuscript. He then cautioned those who might try to emulate Edwards by saying this (in his Hispanic accent):
    Fool - You ain't no Jonathan Edwards .