Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Well, that was nice!

Mrs. kerux, the keruxettes, the mini-kerux and I came back last night from almost a week of travel in the US. We were down to take part in the wedding of our flower girl (which made me feel about 137 years old!) who is 23 or something now and found a great guy to marry who has quite a throat-clearing surname.

I also managed to preach Sunday night at Grace Fellowship Church of Bremen – a church pastored by my brother-in-law Jon Hueni and his dad (my father-in-law and good pal) Bob Hueni. The church is also shepherded by one Aaron Hoake who is married to an Erin Hoake. Not that this is confusing. The three of them, the first Aaron, my brother-in-law and father-in-law are good eggs and good shepherds.

I was sicker than a hound dog hit by a Mack truck and left for dead on the wedding day – a nice little fever and pretty much every symptom known to man. The mini-kerux was ring delivery boy and one of the keruxettes was flower girl and I, the real kerux, was emcee of the reception. Here is a hint for all aspiring emcee’s: do not take two puffers of unknown substance, three Imodium, two Tylenol and antibiotics immediately before standing in front of people when you are trying to be funny.

We stopped by our friends the Macmaster’s on the way home. They have a lovely new home in Michigan which makes me think they will find the commute to church in Toronto a little long. They live in a place called Zeeland, which of course, being Canadians, they pronounce “Zedland.” You can tell there are a lot of Dutch people living around there since it is the only 12 square mile grid in all of Michigan with decent roads. Speaking of terrible roads in Michigan, the University of Michigan was spanked by USC 32-18 in the Rose Bowl, but we still passed thousands of people lining the interstate to catch a glimpse of the boys as they returned in shame. What would the traffic had been like if they won? Grown men were climbing the freeway fence to stand in the cold and wave. Those Yankees and their sports...

We came home to find out that a goldfish can live for 6 days without food. That was a mercy.

Still no snow in Toronto. That’s okay. It could go summer on me now and I would be happy... Christmas is over!

[Update: Mrs. kerux says the crowds were for the President Ford funeral procession. I am sticking with my story though. Now let's see... exactly where is the University of Michigan...]