Wednesday, January 10, 2007

24 Things Wrong With "24 - Season Four"

Spoiler Warning: I give away every major plot line here! (And reference earlier seasons.)

Comments Warning: I turned them off. I have my reasons...


  1. Jack stabs himself in the stomach and two hours later has stopped all bleeding and is not even wincing!

  1. Audrey goes from being in love with Jack, to being in love with her estranged husband Paul, to hating Jack – in about 8 hours!

  1. Paul has three major surgeries in 5 hours! You know... just getting a bullet removed from his spine... day-surgery really.

  1. Paul is sitting up and talking minutes after the first two surgeries!

  1. People keep “bleeding out” with, oh, about 4 ounces of blood on the floor!!!

  1. A young couple is asleep in their tent and just happen to have parts of Air Force One land 80 yards from them and he gets wakened because he “thought he heard something.” Yeah, like large portions of a stinking 747 crashing half a football field away from you! Were they deaf!?

  1. Beruse gets pumped full of bad meds by Richard in interrogation, but is fine 20 minutes later. Don’t these kinds of drugs leave a slight hangover?

  1. By the way, whatever happened to Beruse?

  1. Chloe, the personally-challenged computer geek, shoots a bad guy. Okay, that was not wrong – that was the best moment in the whole season!!!!

  1. Every agent that goes somewhere bad with Jack gets killed. Has no one figured out that it is not a good idea to go on a mission with Jack?

  1. Whilst fleeing the electrical sub-station, the CTU helicopter can catch one Jeep, but somehow is incapable of stopping the second... even though it is out in the middle of the dessert and a whopping ¼ mile away. Gee, should have used some of that infrared satellite technology!

  1. Every new computer function comes with a new computer sound.

  1. The really bad woman that blew up the plane and poisoned David Palmer in earlier episodes... am I the only one that noticed that while she was holed up in the apartment the sun was shining through the windows, but when she looked and eventually went outside... it was still dark (and raining)?!!

  1. A nuclear warhead gets blown up real good over the city of Los Angeles... and everybody calls it a day at CTU! Seems to me you would want to find that nuclear stuff!

  1. Jack calls President Palmer to inform him of his escape and Palmer stands in the hallway of the White House with people all around him calling Jack “Jack” on the phone!

  1. They are called Computer Graphics – the producers might want to investigate this. That way, when Agent Bauer is forced to drop known terrorists from high buildings it won’t look like a man laying on a blue screen with the camera zooming out fast. Sheesh! (And 16b. I sure don’t recall any 15 storey parking structures in LA... seat of massive earthquakes!)

  1. One punch from Curtis drops the really bad woman... but repetitive head butts and shoulder slams from Tony leaves her unhurt. Tony must be a patsy.

  1. Doesn’t it get hard to believe that a man as spineless as Logan could actually be elected President? Don’t answer that.

  1. I don’t have 24 reasons... just 18... and #18 was stretching it.

  1. I had a great time watching this season!