Sunday, October 15, 2006

Walter Says You Really Ought to Go to Church....

Grace Fellowship Church: Walter on Going to Church:

Here is some timely advice for this Sunday!

"Now, I know you city-folk get to hockey games all the time, but for me, this was a rare occurrence. So, I didn't want to miss a thing! It was a great game that ended up tied with Montreal with 5 minutes to play! But wouldn't you know that right around that time, those two large coffees, one pop and a hot chocolate all got to impressing on me the need to take a trip to the little boy's room. Finally, I could take it no longer and dashed down the aisle and out the door and back again as fast as my old legs would carry me... only to hear a giant cheer as I rounded the corner to re-enter the rink! I had missed it! The winning goal! Montreal - losers again! Just like me!

Now, it seems to me that is the thing that nearly almost happens on the Sunday you miss gathering with your fellow saints. The Sunday God chooses to come down, is the one Sunday you pick to convene a meeting with Pastor Pillow and Deacon Sheets! But the way to never miss the blessing is to always attend the fellowship.

You might think of church meetings like a series of meals. Mrs. Walter is more than a fine cook, but every once in a while she tips the cow and raises the roof. Some new recipe or even an old recipe comes together in such a way and at such a time that we are faced with a banquet we'll not soon forget. But if you skip dinner that noon to fix the spindle on your hay rake you miss the meal where your wife makes Martha Stewart look like a short-order cook. You've got to be there! Same with church."