Wednesday, October 25, 2006

iBob Kauflin

Worship Matters: A New Five Year Old:

Bob Kauflin offers some wise advice on iPod usage.

"1. Only isolate yourself when you should be isolated. Don’t use your music to escape serving or interacting with others.
2. Limit the amount of time you use your iPod. Silence is a profitable state that is fast becoming a relic of the past.
3. Seek to listen to a broad spectrum of musical styles.
4. Consider how to bless others through your music choices, rather than yourself."

I bought one of the really cheap shuffles a while back, thinking I could listen to some of the podcasts becoming available. But I have found the only time I can listen to the thing is when I am on the treadmill or rowing machine. And since that has been rather intermittent, (shall we say?) of late - the shuffle has not had a lot of use.

It does amaze me though to see so many heads, young and old, plugged into little electronic devices. If I am out and about I almost always try to engage phones-wearing folk in conversation. I think they need to get out of their heads more!