Monday, June 12, 2006

Injury Wars (Continued...)

The Fighter Jet showed up at church yesterday whining about his poison ivy rash spreading to between his toes. As if anyone cared! There he was before evening worship rubbing some foreign ointment on his limbs... in front of all of us. Quite revolting.

And in no way to be compared with my bravely soldiering on to preach and lead with my severely wounded ankle. I know guys like "the Odious" have been dying for an update, so in deference to them I have posted an updated picture below. You will notice the extreme coloration due to the severity of the injury. It is a wonder I can walk at all, really. A lesser man would still be hobbling about with crutches.

Speaking of crutches, I did have to use them for two days and was pleasantly surprised they do make them long enough for guys my height. I knew you would ask so I answered.

I should be back to normal in one week - that is when I return from a class trip with my 8th grade daughter on some ridiculous ropes course thingy. I believe this horrendous ankle injury is a kind providence to spare me from massively embarrassing myself in front of a bunch of 13 year olds... So I will be milking it until that trip is over!