Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday - Song of Repentance

The reminder of the inestimable price paid by Christ ought always to cause us to re-think our sin. When I look at my sin, I think, "How could He save me?"
When I look at His cross, I think, "How could He not save me?!"
Here is a song of repentance for this Good Friday...

I Will Call On the Lord

I will call on the Lord
Lord Jehovah King
King, yet Forgiver of men
Men that sin like me
Me, how I need to be changed
Changed within by You
You alone satisfy...

I am so quick to be swayed
Swayed away from You
You never falter or fail
Fail is all I do
Do you have grace left for me?
Me the sinful soul?
Solace is only in You.

Lord, only You can forgive
Give Your pardon now
Now, this is what I must have
Have You grace, O Christ
Christ, no other can cleanse
Cleanse and make me whole
Holy is what I must be

You, alone are my hope
Hope and Saviour, Lord
Lord, how I need your free grace
Grace and mercy please
Please, forgive all my sin
Sinfulness and take
Take all my guilt and my shame.

I call on the Lord... (2x)

Words and Music © 2003 Paul W. Martin

You can listen to this song here.

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