Thursday, January 19, 2006

Finally... the BIG PAYOFF for being "Paul Martin"

Westjet is offering free flights to anyone with the surname Martin on January 24th! No joke. It is their post-election special.

Bonjour, Montreal!!!


  1. I saw that last night and cracked up. So where are you going to go. . .certainly not 24 Sussex drive; I think that's the address. Sorry about the (unique??) Paul Martin joke.

  2. Darn this whole having to take your father's last name bit... I never knew his family anyway, I'm a Martin at heart! (Think the folks at Westjet will buy it?)

  3. Thought of you immediately when I heard the offer. Hey, you're more than welcome to fly to the home of Westjet, the home of Clint Humfrey, the lovely (and Conservative) Calgary, AB and area.

  4. Hey Dan,
    Thanks for the kind offer!
    Unfortunately, I am doing my part for the "Non" and flying to le Montreal pour the day.
    Francophones generally REALLY appreciate my attempts at parlez francais... I think they will need me post-election.
    Either that or I will look up that other PM guy and see if I can console him...
    Besides that... gettting my 6'8" frame stuffed in a plane seat makes anything longer than an hour no more fun!!

  5. I know your first choice was Minneapolis, but our couch is only like 6 feet long so you'd have had to sit upright the whole time. Maybe the neighbours have room.
    (Did I just make a joke about your height? Who am I to talk? You're not even a foot taller than me!)

    What's the "Non"?

  6. derifter,
    Ahhh, you Americans...
    Well - it's a long story. Shall I condense?
    First the French came to North America.
    Then the British came.
    They lasted side by side for a while until the Brit's beat them (the French) up. For some reason, they let them stay in "lower Canada" (which always appeared "higher" to me, but that is besides the point) and they called themselves Quebec.
    Now, these Quebecer's, many of them, have long memories... and figure the best thing to do is to split from the rest of Canada. So, not that long ago they had a vote on whether or not they should do that... separate... yes or no... oui ou non. 51% said. "Non!" So, we are still all one big really fat, happy country.
    My going to Quebec will ensure this peace for at least another 4-11 days.

  7. Except that it wasn't Dog Lover who wrote that... it was ME... the kerux!!!
    I will need to explain to Dog Lover how to change preferences back again!!!

  8. Thanks for the lesson, Dog Lover/Kerux. Will there be a test? I guess I'm a little out of the loop (then why do people call me loopy?) on the whole Canaydean histoury and politics scene.

    But my spelling's getting better! I'll probably be back here before you leave so I'll wait to say "Have fun".
    Dang. I guess I already said it.
    Anyway, adious eh!

  9. If having the same surname will get you anywhere in Canada, you should have tried to scam a trip anywhere Westjet flies for having the full name. They may have even given you two seats (for your 6'6" frame) and you could have flown out here. We would have even had you fill our pulpit. I'd love to see how many people we would have had out to church if we advertised that Paul Martin was preaching here. Can you imagine? Paul Martin preaching at a church in red-neck southern Alberta the week after losing the election.

    I better stop before my imagination really starts running wild.

  10. Oops. That was supposed to read 6'8". I'd hate to take away from your stature, Mr. PM (for now).

  11. Spudster,
    You are a man after my own heart.
    I tried:
    1. Free first class
    2. Totally free tickets for whole family (you have to pay taxes)
    3. A trip to the cockpit
    4. Special mention while on board
    5. Anything else that popped into my head...
    All for having the exact name of Paul Martin.

    What did I get?

    When I called back to tweak our plans, the girl laughed when I told her my name and said, "Oh, we were all just talking about you! How funny to have that name!" And they gave me NOTHING (except the free flight!)

    So, truth be told... I still lose. Even in my PAYOFF I lose!

    It's a hard life...

  12. I don't know about everyone else, but that story was a tear-jerker for me, Paul. ;)

  13. Yeah, I'm with "JLM81" on that one. Anybody got a tissue?