Thursday, December 22, 2005

Evangelism Gone Bad?

Yesterday three boys from a not-so-nice neighbourhood close to mine came by caroling. They come every year, singing and looking for cash! (I never quite made that connection in my mind... especially by the way they sing!)
Anyway, this year I gave them some money... and a gospel tract. Susan and I both tried to engage some conversation with them but they shot off down the driveway.
About an hour later, they came back - to steal my hockey stick.
No joke!
My eldest watched as the one kid ran off down our driveway, my stick in his hands!
Now, you have to know (derifter!) that stealing a man's hockey stick, to a Canadian, is, well, like stealing his dog or something!
I was on my way home in the car so I drove all over the neighbourhood looking for those boys, since I had something to tell them.
"Fellows, we have already proven the fact that you are thieves! You are not good. Do you know what God has done for people like you and me who are not good? He gave his Son! If you would have only asked me, I would have given you the hockey stick for free. If you only ask, God will give His Son for free, too."
10 minutes of searching and I was out of time. Never did find them.
But pray for those boys, won't you? They took a tract that told them essentially what I would have said to them anyway. May God use it to win them all!