Thursday, November 17, 2005

The G.A. Cometh

Tomorrow will mark the beginning of the Sovereign Grace Fellowship (Canada) General Assembly. This year’s meetings will all take place at Grace Bible Church in Cambridge, ON.

The GA is always a great time to network with representatives of sister churches and to learn. Besides the workshops and main sessions, there are all the little things you can pick up in conversations around breaks and meals.

Hopefully, the coming year will be one that is aggressively good for the SGF. As small as we are we have had our share of difficulties to overcome in the early going. These have been good for us – helping us to define exactly who we are and what our purpose is in existing. Like all man-made ventures, this one could collapse tomorrow with no effect on the Kingdom – but for as long as God sees fit to use it, we shall be used.

Are you part of an association of churches? There seem to be new ones popping up all the time. I dream of a day when there will be one big association (not denomination) full of like-minded men who have agreed to disagree on some non-essentials. I think that day may be closer than we think based on recent and coming events (i.e. “Together for the Gospel” as one example).

Anyway, these meetings will (and have already – I am the secretary to the executive) slow my posts for a few days. Please pray for us.

Soli Deo Gloria


  1. I'm for one big association of churches too. As long as they agree with me. Or you. I generally agree with you.

    Seriously though, hopefully more churches will start to adopt this kind of attitude when it comes to getting along (and even fellowshipping) with other Christians.

    Discerning the essentials from non-essentials is tough though.

  2. Would you please stop trying to engage me in that debate!

  3. lol... I honestly wasn't this time. I was commending it, but that didn't mean that you needed to be involved in my commendation! :-)

  4. Hey Julian, are you playing a harmonica in that pic??

  5. oohh, a wise-guy, eh? :)

    Would it be cooler if I was playing a harmonica?