Thursday, October 27, 2005

Getting Ready for Saturday Night (My 100th Post!)

Kirk Wellum used to be my friend... okay, he is still my friend, but I was pretty uncomfortable reading this post on Hockey as an Idol. You have to be Canadian to get it. The closest equivalent for an American would be the NFL, but even then, I am convinced it is not the same. For many of us poor Canucks, hockey is not only a demi-god, but a virtual definition of who we are as Canadians!
You should read the post and search your heart. I can't say it is much fun.


  1. Kerux,
    As far as the NFL, my team (the Vikings) are making it easy to keep my priorities straight. In fact, some games they cause me to drop to my knees and beg for mercy. They help keep me humble.

    On a different note, shouldn't your friend have said it was a "labour" dispute? (Ha ha) (Ha)

  2. Kerux,

    My Kansas City Chiefs started out the season winning their first two games and I thought they would be great this year. My heart started filling with pride and I was ready to spend a lot of time following their games. They were the first out of the gates and I was ready for the ride. Then they fell hard to the ground and I thought to myself, 'why do I get so wound up about a football team'. Why do I put so much into any sports team, when I know that there is no way for them to always win. Even if they win a championship, the first question always asked is, 'can they repeat'. It's like, in sports you can never ultimately win.

    But with God we ultimately do win. In fact, the moment we come to know the Lord, from that moment on we are winners forever. We have become victorious over death forever by Jesus death and resurrection.

    God never loses, He is a winner forever. It's great to be on his team.


  3. TE-
    Wow, it looks like of Tom Brady (Quarterback of the New England Patriots) agrees with you. What timing!

    Tom Brady: There must be more than this