Saturday, September 17, 2005

Onward, Christian penguins

Hit documentary a favourite of U.S. Christian right - March of the Penguins refutes Darwin, some say


On the conservative website, an opponent of abortion wrote that the movie "verified the beauty of life and the rightness of protecting it."

At a conference for young Republicans, the editor of National Review urged participants to see the movie because it promoted monogamy. A widely circulated Christian magazine said it made "a strong case for intelligent design."

The movie is March of the Penguins, and of all the reactions it has evoked, perhaps the most surprising is its appeal to conservatives. They are hardly its only audience; the film is the second-highest grossing documentary of all time, behind Fahrenheit 9/11.

But conservative groups have turned its stirring depiction of the mating ordeals of emperor penguins in Antarctica into an unexpected battle anthem in the culture wars.

"March of the Penguins," the conservative film critic and radio host Michael Medved says, is "the motion picture this summer that most passionately affirms traditional norms like monogamy, sacrifice and child-rearing."

Speaking of audiences who feel that movies ignore or belittle such themes, he adds: "This is the first movie they've enjoyed since The Passion of the Christ. This is The Passion of the Penguins." more..(requires free registration).


I don't know. Don't get me wrong... I love the Emporer Penguin - very cool bird, or mammal, or whatever it is. But, The Passion of the Penguins? A movie about penguins "passionately affirms... monogamy?"

Why do Christians jump on such loopy bandwagons? This is hardly engaging the culture! This is just looking goofy.