Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Plane Crash at Toronto Airport

I live about 3 km from where an Air France Airbus overshot a runway into a ravineof the Etobicoke creek today. I had not heard anything about this sad event until, strangely, I went outside to see what damage all the rain, lightning and wind might have done to our house. There was a terrible smell in the air. It was strong enough to nudge me to flip on the news when I came back inside and I was shocked. What was most amazing though was the fact that everyone survived the crash. Now there is an illustration of mercy!
But how many of the 309 survivors woke up this morning thinking that today they might die? And how many will go back to their old ways and habits after the excitement dies down?
And what about you? It may not be as news-making as a plane crash that ushers you to glory, but 10 out of 10 people die. Are you ready for that moment?


  1. God is indeed Good. As you said, what an illustration of mercy. All of us are great sinners and will all die because of our sin and hatred toward God. We all deserve to die. It is only by God's wonderful grace and mercy that he saves. God is just and holy and must punish our sin. But, God is loving and wants us to be reconciled to himself. And so, has provided a way for us through his son, Jesus Christ to pay the punishment for our sins. What a wonderful, gracious, merciful God he is to provide a way of salvation!!

  2. Amen, I agree with both Paul and twin#1(and not just because hes' my twin :-) Let us all examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith(1 Cor 13:5). If you are unsure, I urge you to study Gods Word, ask God to reveal what is in your heart and if you are in the faith. Feel free to click on the link Paul put up to find out what is a Christian. Blessings...