Friday, July 29, 2005

Osteen Is in the Building

Joel Osteen has just opened his new church building - the former Compaq Center in Houston, Texas.

57,000 people came out to the opening. Not bad.

Joel is the son of John, who started the church. (There is a lot of this son/father thing lately, isn't there?)

For a very informative review of that service you should read this.


  1. Thanks for the post, I've been wondering about this guy since my mom started watching him on TV. I was a little skeptical at first but now, I'm really skeptical.

  2. Thanks for the very interesting article! I havnt done any research into Mr. Osteen's beliefs etc but, judging from the article, I find it sad and horrific that people are being missled from within the 'church' rather than being taught the truth and being changed by Jesus Christ. Its one thing when secular 'groups' preach a different gospel but when a church that states(I assume) to know the truth and preaches a different gospel I find it very tragic because peoples' eternal destiny is at stake and they are being severly missled. They are believing a lie, thinking its the truth and that they are truly saved. May God grant us wisdom and dicernment to know truth from error and obey His Word. Keep preaching the truth!