Friday, July 22, 2005

Love, Life and Marriage - Part Two

Brain-dead woman may give birth

A brain-dead pregnant US woman on life life-support has reached the stage of pregnancy where her baby could survive outside the
womb, her family says.

Susan Torres

What will he do once the baby is safely delivered?
If he opts to "let his wife die," there is a sense where his current actions are more degrading than what took place in other recent news events. Is his wife merely a human incubation machine - or the mother of a child? I don't know a thing about his future plans... but am interested to watch.

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  1. Is it really that cut and dried?

    Modern medical advancements have made the "let his wife die" decisions extremely difficult. In years past, these moral conundrums weren't possible, but we've progressed to the point where we can artificially breathe for folks in otherwise fatal medical situations, sustaining their beating hearts until ...

    I hope and pray I'll never be in a position where I have to make an impossible decision of that nature for one I love.

    I'd be very interested to read the blogger's thoughts on the Scripture's teaching on the issue he's raised.