Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Preaching in Sarnia (and loving it!)

I had the joy of preaching at Sovereign Grace Community Church in Sarnia (Ontario) this past weekend. It is always a delight to minister the Word of God to my friends there, since they have such a delight in the Lord of Truth.
I think I can honestly say I have found this to be the case in all the churches of our asssociation (www.sgfcanada.com). What I have found in my travels are people who have grown used to solid biblical exegesis and expect that from their pastors.
Sometimes I tell my congregation, "You ought to come to church expecting to be well-fed by a man who has walked closely with His God the week before. If it is obvious that is not the case, you ought to do something about it!" I hope the first "something" they do is pray for me! But no church should be content with a man who either does not preach or does not preach from a life that is growing in grace. I think that is at least part of what Paul was saying in 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy and Titus.

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  1. I thank the LORD daily for my Pastor
    A man who is always striving to know more of his saviour.Each week he directs me to Christ,whom to know is life eternal.